Good today
better tomorrow

Our cheese. Our environment. Our responsibility.

As producers of delicious cheeses, we are involved in matters that affect our environment and society, from cows’ living conditions to product packaging. Since our founding, our sustainability policy has focused on continuously minimising our impact. Now, we are taking it a step further.

New recyclable packaging.

Fortunately, we do not need to refine much in terms of our efficient and sustainable way of working, but innovation can offer great improvements in packaging.

If you have the option to reduce packaging by 43% and make it fully recyclable, its a no-brainer. Less material, equally attractive.

Cows belong in fields.

New packaging is great, but sustainability begins with our cows. Uniekaas dairy farmers have their cows on pasture as often as possible— at least 120 days a year, 6 hours a day. They like being outdoors, which is why "our cows" produce delicious Dutch Meadow Dairy. You can recognise the cheese made from this milk by the official Meadow Milk logo.

Doing good pays off.

We have been working with the Milkmaster Bonus program since 2016 to encourage our dairy farmers to produce milk as sustainably as possible. We focus on the cows’ health and well-being, as well as biodiversity, environment, energy, climate, and social responsibility.

All our cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

We have always made our cheeses according to our own recipes, with no artificial colours or preservatives— pure and full of flavour. We are always looking to innovate, and when new opportunities arise to make our cheese suitable for even more people, we don't hesitate.

In 2020, we switched from animal rennet to vegetarian rennet. Rennet is added to milk to thicken it, turning the milk into cheese. All our cheeses are now suitable for vegetarians.