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Tjiezi a big success, through The Voice Kids

Tjiezi is very popular!

Kaatsheuvel, March 2012 - Thanks to a balanced multimedia approach for the Tjiezi brand, which won the first prize for Best Kids' Products Introduction 2011 at the beginning of this year, sales and turnover for cheese products have doubled. Tjiezi also now has national coverage in terms of distribution. And this is all through cooperation with the popular RTL 4 show The Voice Kids.

"There has been a huge run on Uniekaas's Tjiezi cheese products. Brand recognition has also been given an enormous boost thanks to the cooperation with RTL 4 and Talpa. We could only have dreamed of this kind of success. I think the success is due to the fact that there is an astounding amount of young talent in the Netherlands, which means that 2.5 million people are glued to the box each week. And, of course, Tjiezi, the 100% natural snack from Uniekaas, is the perfect treat for a Friday evening," explains Huub Terpstra, Uniekaas Marketing Manager.

During the spectacular shows still to come, Tjiezi will be enthusiastically supporting all the candidates. And if you keep an eye on Tjiezi, you could be in with a chance to attend one of the shows.

Geplaatst op: 01 maart 2012