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Dutch cheese-maker enters cooperation with Dutch TV show 'Ik Hou Van Holland'

Dutch Gouda
Uniekaas puts Dutch cheese in the spotlight

Dutch cheese-maker enters cooperation with Dutch TV show 'Ik Hou Van Holland' (I Love Holland)

Kaatsheuvel, 14 November 2012 - When we think of Holland, we think of windmills, tulips and, of course, cheese. So it's no coincidence that great home-grown products regularly make an appearance on the popular RTL 4 show 'Ik Hou Van Holland'. Uniekaas wishes to strengthen the Netherlands's position as a cheese-making country, and is entering a cooperation with RTL. Uniekaas Echte Hollandse Goudsche (Real Dutch Gouda) is making its TV debut!

100% Dutch

Uniekaas, the oldest and best-known cheese-maker in the Netherlands, has produced a surprising collection of cheese products from Dutch milk, from Dutch cows, grazing on Dutch pasture. The most popular cheese is the Uniekaas Echte Hollandse Goudsche, prepared according to an original recipe and selected on taste by the cheese masters. The cheeses are ripened naturally and no preservatives are used. The longer they ripen, the richer the taste. So Echte Hollandse Goudsche, from mild to mature has a pure, honest and full flavour!

Uniekaas & Ik Hou Van Holland

The Netherlands is a cheese-making country! In order to bring more attention to delicious 100% Dutch cheeses, Uniekaas has entered a cooperation with RTL 4. "What could fit better with the immensely popular RTL 4 show 'Ik Hou Van Holland', than real Dutch cheese!? So it's time that the trusted and well-known top brand Uniekaas was in spotlight!"

With between 2.5 and 3 million viewers every week, 'Ik Hou Van Holland' is the most popular show on Saturday nights. Uniekaas Echte Hollandsche Goudse can be seen on various billboards and break-bumpers before, during and after the show, from now until 8 December.

About Uniekaas

Uniekaas is the oldest and best-known cheese-maker in the Netherlands, with a wide range of brands such as Uniekaas, Parrano and Tjiezi. Uniekaas is an independent, private, strongly marketing and sales-oriented company and is active globally, including in the Netherlands, Russia and the United States. Last year Uniekaas launched a new product for children: Tjiezi. Thanks to a balanced multimedia approach, in cooperation with The Voice Kids (also on RTL 4), the sales and turnover of cheese products have increased considerably.

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