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Dutch Gouda

Echte Hollandse Goudsche (Real Dutch Gouda) is prepared according to an original recipe and selected on taste by the Uniekaas cheese masters. The cheeses are ripened naturally and no preservatives are used. The longer the cheeses ripen, the richer the taste becomes. So Uniekaas Echte Hollandse Goudsche has a pure, honest, full flavour.

Uniekaas Echte Hollandse Goudsche is sold freshly sliced, from mild to mature. So there is something for everyone. There is also Echte Hollandse Goudsche Komijn Jong Belegen (Cumin Mild)


But Uniekaas offers more than just the Echte Hollansde Goudsche.
Uniekaas has a surprising number of different products. Of course, Uniekaas Echte Hollandse Goudsche, traditional, pure and natural, is the most popular Dutch cheese. This cheese is full of flavour and enjoyed at various stages of maturity. For Gouda lovers there is also a very mature cheese with an extra long ripening process and a very strong-tasting, extremely mature cheese, ripened for even longer.

We are all increasingly aware of what we eat. Uniekaas Geitenkaas (Goat's Cheese), a pure and natural product, is a perfect fit for a healthy diet. But Uniekaas also crosses borders with Parrano and BonAmi. Parrano is a Dutch cheese with a strong flavour and Italian character. Uniekaas is always innovating, in terms of both products and packaging. So keep an eye on the cheese aisle!

Each Uniekaas cheese has a life cycle, beginning young and mild, then ripening for a full character. How does the cheese develop to obtain that delicious flavour? During the ripening, some of the moisture gradually evaporates, which means the cheese becomes firmer and obtains a higher dry-matter content. At the same time enzymes convert protein into a delicious smell and taste. This provides the characteristic flavour.

Echte Hollandse Goudsche Jong (Very Mild) has a minimal ripening period of 4 weeks. This young cheese tastes mild and creamy, whilst a more mature cheese has a stronger flavour. So each cheese delivers a different taste experience. 

NEW Bonkies
Now also available in a handy pack. A slice fits perfectly on a cracker, a nice piece to cut into blocks or to grate over pasta. Or delicious on bread for 'little' cheese-lovers. Cheese for every occasion. 

NEW Uniekaas grated Jong Belegen (Mild) and Extra Oud (Extra Mature)