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Goudse Waag

The Goudse Waag is a historic building, built in 1668. Gouda cheeses used to be weighed here. Now it's the cheese and artisanal crafts museum, where you can find out about the history of the Goudse Waag and the products that used to be weighed and traded here.

There is also a lot of information about Gouda's traditional crafts at the museum. There are various regular demonstrations, including cheese making, Gouda candle dipping, pipe making and Gouda pottery (ceramics) manufacturing.

The decision to build the Goudse Waag was taken in 1667, and the famous architect Pieter Post was commissioned with the construction. The building was completed in 1669. The top floor was not important for weighing and was rented to the civic militia. Below, the commodities for sale were weighed and then taxed on the basis of their weight. From 1850 it was only cheese that continued to be weighed. In 1956 the building underwent extensive restoration and from 1995 the cheese museum was established at Waag. Uniekaas has managed this monumental building since 2008. Those are the key dates in the history of the Goudse Waag. As a visitor you can see at once what it is that Gouda and Uniekaas are so proud of. 

And if you fancy a nice piece of cheese after your visit, you can pop into our food shop on the ground floor. Here you will find everything you can think of to do with cheese. From special cheeses to the best cheese slicers. You will also find all kinds of lovely, traditional Dutch souvenirs. In short, the Goudse Waag is definitely worth a visit!