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Our company

Uniekaas is a leading player in the Dutch cheese market. It is an independent, private and strongly marketing-oriented company. With years of knowledge and experience, Uniekaas produces major, well-known cheese brands. We are also continuously launching new, innovative products. So Uniekaas offers cheese lovers plenty of choice.

Uniekaas has several branded cheeses that have gained a strong position in the market. Uniekaas supplies cheese products to customers in the Netherlands and abroad, handling production, ripening and packaging. Uniekaas products find their way to many countries. This success is primarily due to marketing customised to the local market.

Uniekaas products are produced in Kaatsheuvel. The packing lines are capable of producing 50,000 packs of cheese an hour. Thanks to this capacity, Uniekaas can supply tens of thousands of dairy lovers with cheese and other products every day. 

Uniekaas has grown to become a dairy producer that provides work for 120 employees in the Netherlands.