Uniekaas, the oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands

The Dutch have a thing for cheese. More specifically, for Gouda cheese. It’s about as Dutch as anything can get. We have it for breakfast, lunch and with drinks – any opportunity we get, really. We can’t imagine a life without our Gouda. So much we even bring it on holiday.

If you eat cheese as often as we do, you have to have perfect quality and taste. And those are things you can leave to us to make There’s a reason Uniekaas is the oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands.

Uniekaas Video Poster

Our company

All our delicious cheeses have been made according to original Uniekaas recipes for many years. Every day, our cheese master selects the tastiest cheeses and lets them mature with care. It’s a very particular and conscientious job for which he engages all his senses.

Real Dutch Gouda

The fresh milk we use to make our cheese is supplied daily by farmers who are part of DOC Kaas, the second largest dairy cooperative in the Netherlands. Our cheese is completely Dutch, from beginning to end.

How are the different flavours created?

When cheese is young, it has a smooth, mild taste. It gains a fuller body of flavour as it ripens. During the ripening process, part of the moisture gradually evaporates, slowly making the cheese firmer. As the cheese gets more ‘dry matter content’, the taste gradually becomes more piquant.

Quality first

Naturally, we adhere to very strict quality standards, from the selection of the farmers we work with to the packaging and delivery. We do everything in accordance with the highest quality requirements in order to deliver the perfect cheese people expect from us.

Always tasty

At Uniekaas, we won’t stop making delicious cheese. We also enjoy coming up with new cheese products. Why? Because cheese should not just be eaten on sandwiches or with wine – but at any moment and with any occasion. That’s what we’re aiming for.

Where to shop for Uniekaas

In the Netherlands, there is always a store nearby where you can find pieces or slices of our delicious cheese. You can see all the supermarkets where you can find Uniekaas below.