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Taste the good life! Or as the Italians put it so beautifully: ‘la dolce vita’. Socialising with friends, sipping a glass of good wine, enjoying a delicious meal and of course the flavour of Parrano. 

To taste Parrano is to taste the good life. This unique cheese is full of passion and Italian character. Parrano is ripened to perfection. So the cheese tastes slightly sweet, a little bit nutty but still with a deliciously strong flavour. That makes Parrano the key ingredient for a wonderful meal. Tasty on pizzas and in pastas, salads and oven-baked dishes. Parrano can take you anywhere. And make every day full of passion, just like the Italians.

The classic spirit and conviviality of a real Italian family. This mentality appeals to the rest of us too, and an Italian twist can be found in more and more of our cooking.

Grated Parrano and Parrano Pieces
Search for tasty Parrano recipes under the 'recipes' tab. Delicious in salads and pasta. But don't forget carpaccio.

Parrano Sprinkling Cheese 200g and 80g
An attractive shaker for the table, with real Parrano sprinkling cheese. Handy for adding to pasta dishes.